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SDD X-Ray Detectors for XRF/EDS - Obsolete

  • SDD Silicon Drift Detector - Obsolete

    The Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), capable of count rates over 200,000 CPS (counts per second) while maintaining excellent resolution.

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  • XR-100SDD Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) - Obsolete

    The XR-100SDD is a thermoelectrically cooled solid-state silicon drift detector (SDD) and preamplifier. It is recommended for applications requiring the best energy resolution, very high count rates, and lowest X-ray energies. Its performance, small size, and low cost make it the ideal detector for many laboratory and OEM X-ray spectroscopy applications, including EDS and XRF.

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  • X-123SDD Complete X-Ray Spectrometer with Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

    The X-123SDD represents the culmination of years of electronics and X-ray detector innovation and development at Amptek. We remain focused on creating small, low power, high performance instruments while keeping them simple to operate. The X-123SDD epitomizes this philosophy by providing in a single package the XR-100SDD Silicon Drift X-Ray Detector and its Charge Sensitive Preamplifier; the DP5 Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) with pulse shaper, MCA, and interface; and the PC5 Power Supply. All that is needed is a +5 Volts DC input and a USB, RS-232 or Ethernet connection to your computer.

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