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OEM XRF Solutions

  • PA230 Image
    OEM Solutions for XRF Systems

    Amptek offers a complete line of OEM detectors, preamplifiers, digital processors, and power supplies, and can work with you to help develop custom solutions unique to your needs. We provide established and emerging OEM customers a fast track to the market with our modular systems that will meet current needs, while being flexible enough to adapt to your product roadmap.

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  • OEM Detector & Preamplifier Configurations

    The AXR/PA-210 or AXR/PA-230, is for experts/OEMs in the field. Any Amptek detector can be used (Si-PIN, SDD, or CdTe). There are many options for this configuration as can be seen in the pictures below. The customer needs to provide custom heat-sinking and a custom enclosure for the AXR/PA-210 or AXR/PA-230. If the PA210/PA230 Housings are used, additional heat-sinking to the Housings will be needed.

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