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Legacy Software Download Page

DP5 Firmware 5 (FW5) Software (Legacy)

  • DP5 (with FW5 designed for backward compatibility with FW4)
  • X-123 (all variants with DP5 inside)

Units shipped from the factory prior to November 15, 2011 have FW5. The user can upload FW6 into the unit. Amptek highly recommends updating to FW6. Follow the FW6 link above.

DP4 Digital Pulse Processor Based Products (Discontinued)

  • DP4
  • PX4
  • X-123 with Si-PIN and DP4 processor inside
  • X-123 with CdTe and DP4 processor inside
  • Gamma-Rad Scintillator with DP4 inside

MCA-8000A Multichannel Analyzer (Discontinued)

  • All versions of the MCA-8000A

Mini-X X-Ray Tube (Discontinued)

  • All versions of the Mini-X (original)