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Amptek Papers on X-Ray/Gamma-Ray Detectors and Electronics

Redus, R.H. and Huber, A. (2012), Figure of merit for spectrometers for EDXRF. X-Ray Spectrom.

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below link mentions two papers (Fano Factor Determination for CZT Semiconductors for Room Temp…)

Redus, R.H., J.A. Pantazis, A.C. Huber, V.T. Jordanov, J. Butler, B. Apotovsky, “Fano Factor Determination for CZT”, “Semiconductors for Room-Temperature Radiation Detector Applications II,” Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings: Semiconductors for Room-Temperature Radiation Detector Applications II, Vol 487, p.101-107, December 1997. (eds. R.B. James, et. al.)

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Papers referencing Amptek X-Ray/Gamma-Ray Detectors and Electronics

Ulf Stolzenberg, Mayka Schmitt Rahner, Björn Pullner, Herbert Legall, Jörn Bonse, Michael Kluge, Andreas Ortner, Bernd Hoppe and Jörg Krüger   "X-ray Emission Hazards from Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Material Processing in an Industrial Setting" Materials 2021, 14, 7163. 

V. Santoro-Fernandes , J.C. Santos, L Mariano, V.R. Vanin and P.R. Costa "Uncertainty estimation and statistical comparative methodology for mammography x-ray energy spectra" Biomed. Phys. Eng. Express 6 (2020) 035018 

 Josilene C Santos et al 2019 Phys. Med. Biol. 64 105010  "Normalized glandular dose (DgN) coefficients from experimental mammographic x-ray spectra"

Audrew Frimaio, Bruna C. Nascimento, Ramon M.M. Barrio, Leticia L. Campos, Paulo R. Costa "X-ray spectrometry applied for determination of linear attenuation coefficient of tissue-equivalent materials" Radiation Physics and Chemistry 160 (2019) 89–95 

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Papers referencing Amptek Nuclear Instruments

Safavi-Naeini, M., M.L.F. Lerch, M. Petasecca, et. Al., “Evaluation of pixellated, back-sided planar photodetectors for high-resolution imaging instrumentation”, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 589, pp 259-267 (2008).

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Amptek Space Papers

D.H. Brautigam, K.P. Ray, G.P. Ginet, D. Madden, “Specification of the Radiation Belt Slot Region: Comparison of the NASA AE8 Model with TSX5/CEASE Data”, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. Vol 51, No. 6, Dec 2004, p 3375

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Papers referencing Amptek’s Space Instruments

Cooke, D.L., C.J. Roth, “The Digital Ion Drift-Meter on CHAMP; Status, Calibration, and Data,” presented at the American Geophysical Union, Spring 2002.

Figueroa, S.S., “Results from the Compact Environmental Anomaly Sensor (CEASE) on TSX-5”, presented at the American Geophysical Union, Fall 2002.

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