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CdTe X-Ray and Gamma Ray Detectors

  • XR100CdTe-PX5
    CdTe X-Ray & Gamma Ray Detector

    The CdTe detector is a thermoelectrically cooled X-ray and Gamma ray detector. The high stopping power of CdTe makes excellent for applications requiring high detection efficiency at energies up to 100 keV. Its performance, small size, and low cost make it ideal for applications including monitoring of X-ray tubes and ED-XRF on the K lines of rare earth metals, lead, gold, uranium, and other high Z materials.

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  • Medical X-Ray Detector for Mammography and Radiology

    Amptek’s specialty is X-ray and gamma-ray spectrometers, which are small, low power, high performance, and simple to operate. The X-123CdTe combines in a single package Amptek’s standard, high performance X-ray spectroscopy components: the XR-100CdTe detector and preamplifier, DP5 digital pulse processor and MCA, and PC5 power supply. The result is a complete integrated system which can fit in your hand. In many commercially available systems, the preamplifier alone has more size, mass, and power than this integrated system.

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  • CdTe Application Note: Characterization of X-ray Tubes

    The X-123CdTe is a high performance X-Ray and Gamma Ray detector mounted on a thermo-electric cooler (Peltier type) together with the input FET to the preamplifier. Monitored by an integrated circuit, these components are kept at -30 °C and are enclosed in a hermetic package with a vacuum tight, light tight Beryllium window. Power and signal processing to the detector is provided by the integrated DP5 digital pulse processor, and PC5 power supply, which ensures quick, stable operation in less than one minute from power turn-on.

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