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Amptek is a high technology company and a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation for the satellite, x-ray and gamma ray detection, laboratory, analytical, and portable instrumentation industries.

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I The XRF method

What is XRF?

The process of emissions of characteristic x-rays is called “X-ray Fluorescence,” or XRF. The XRF method is widely used to measure the elemental composition of materials.

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 1 mm Thick FAST SDD®
A New Industry Standard in High-Efficiency! 
Amptek's newest development is a 1 mm thick FAST SDD® Detector in a TO-8 package. This next-generation detector extends your XRF and EDS detector’s performance for higher photopeak efficiency at energies above 15 keV.
   70 mm² FAST SDD®
Amptek has developed a 70 mm² FAST SDD® Detector in a TO-8 package. This is the same package that is used with all Amptek detectors. This makes the 70 mm² a d...

EXP-2 Complete XRF Experimenter’s Kit
Amptek’s EXP-2 Complete XRF Experimenter’s Kit is a package designed to help a user quickly begin doing elemental analysis via X-ray fluorescence (XRF). It includes hardware and software supplied by Amptek. Once this kit is assembled and the software configured and calibrated, one can begin doing simple analys...

   FAST SDD® Ultra High Performance Silicon Drift Detector
Amptek recently brought silicon wafer manufacturing in-house and improved the process. The result is a detector with lower noise, lower leakage current, better c...
Mini-X2 X-Ray Tube System for XRF
The Mini-X2 is a miniature X-ray tube system which includes the X-ray tube, the power supply, the control electronics, and the USB communications to the computer. It is optimized for compact X-ray fluorescence (XRF) applications.

DP5 OEM Digital Pulse Processor & MCA
Our DP5 is a high performance digital pulse processor (DPP) optimized for OEMs and lab users. It dig...