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Amptek is a high technology company and a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation for the satellite, x-ray and gamma ray detection, laboratory, analytical, and portable instrumentation industries.

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I The XRF method

What is XRF?

The process of emissions of characteristic x-rays is called “X-ray Fluorescence,” or XRF. The XRF method is widely used to measure the elemental composition of materials.

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The New Be Free, B4C Windows!

Be Free Windows The New Be Free, B4C Windows!
Amptek is announcing the introduction of Boron Carbide (B4C) windows for use with Amptek’s FAST SDD® and SiPIN detectors. The product offering is the result of a multi-year effort to provide end-users and OEM manufacturers with a high-performance window alternative to standard beryllium (Be) foils.
  1 mm Thick FAST SDD®
A New Industry Standard in High-Efficiency! 
Amptek's newest development is a 1 mm thick FAST SDD® Detector in a TO-8 package. This next-generation detector extends your XRF and EDS detector’s performance for higher photopeak efficiency at energies above 15 keV.
  70 mm² FAST SDD®
Amptek has developed a 70 mm² FAST SDD® Detector in a TO-8 package. This is the same package that is used with all Amptek detectors. This makes the 70 mm² a d...

EXP-2 Complete XRF Experimenter’s Kit
Amptek’s EXP-2 Complete XRF Experimenter’s Kit is a package designed to help a user quickly begin doing elemental analysis via X-ray fluorescence (XRF). It includes hardware and software supplied by Amptek. Once this kit is assembled and the software configured and calibrated, one can begin doing simple analys...

   FAST SDD® Ultra High Performance Silicon Drift Detector
Amptek recently brought silicon wafer manufacturing in-house and improved the process. The result is a detector with lower noise, lower leakage current, better c...
Mini-X2 X-Ray Tube System for XRF
The Mini-X2 is a miniature X-ray tube system which includes the X-ray tube, the power supply, the control electronics, and the USB communications to the computer. It is optimized for compact X-ray fluorescence (XRF) applications.