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Analytical Software

  • XRS-FP2
    XRS-FP2 Quantitative XRF Analysis Software

    All versions of the software process the raw X-ray spectra measured using Amptek’s detectors and signal processors to obtain (1) the elemental peak intensities (i.e. the area of the peaks corresponding to each element divided by the livetime) and then (2) the elemental concentrations and/or film thicknesses, using either the FP method for XRF, or (3) the ZAF method for e-beam generated spectra.

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  • Electron Probe X-Ray Analyzer (EPXA) Quantitative Analysis Software

    XRS-FP2 now has integrated analysis modes. Depending on the software options purchased XRS-FP2 can be run in XRF (bulk or multi-layer) mode or in EPXA mode. When running in EPXA mode the software is configured for spectra taken on a SEM fitted with an EDS detector. The software runs on standard PC’s and operating systems (Windows XP and later). Complete ZAF analysis is possible, with or without standards, using an internal database of fundamental parameters (FP) such as absorption coefficients, fluorescence yields, transition probabilities, etc. There is also an integrated spectrum display.

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  • SODIGAM Gamma-Ray Analysis Software

    SODIGAM is the only high-precision analytical software for scintillation spectrometers to use physically correct descriptions of background, baseline, and peakshapes as part of gamma-ray analysis. It contains many of the features normally found in programs designed for the high-precision analysis of HPGe spectra, and allows users to run samples from within the DPPMCA software.

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  • GAMMA-W Gamma-Ray Analysis Software for HPGe Detectors

    Gamma-W software performs high-precision analysis of gamma-ray spectra from HPGe detectors, and is ideally combined with the PX5-HPGe and your high-purity germanium detector. It is noted for its accurate and reproducible analysis of small peaks even in the presence of high backgrounds. Gamma-W contains all of the options and algorithms legally required by many jurisdictions for quantitative analysis of HPGe gamma-ray spectra, including detection limit, radioactive decay control, uncertainties, documentation, etc…, and allows users to run samples from within the DPPMCA software.

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