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  • X-Ray Detectors

    Amptek’s in-house silicon wafer manufacturing produces a detector with lower noise, lower leakage current, better charge collection, and uniformity from detector to detector. This makes it the best performing silicon drift detector available and the true state-of-the-art.

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  • Mini-X2
    Mini-X2 X-Ray Tube

    The Mini-X2 is a miniature X-ray tube system which includes the X-ray tube, the power supply, the control electronics, and the USB communications to the computer.  It is optimized for compact X-ray fluorescence (XRF) applications.  The Mini-X2 has been designed to simplify the XRF process by providing a grounded anode, USB control of current and voltage, a simple collimator mount, and ease of operation.

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  • DP5
    Digital Pulse Processors

    Amptek’s Digital Pulse Processors offer high performance in a variety of configurations. the DP5 is optimized for OEMs and lab users; the DP5G Kit is designed for use in scintillation spectroscopy systems; the PX5 is designed principally to support Amptek’s XR-100 series of SDD, Si-PIN, and CdTe detectors; and the PX5-HPGe can be used with standard cryogenic HPGe detectors.

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  • Multichannel Analyzers (MCA)

    Compromising nothing in performance, the MCA-8000D is a low power, light weight instrument which is exceptionally versatile and easy to use.

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  • Experimenter's Kit 2 - Product Profile Image
    EXP-2 Complete XRF Experimenter’s Kit

    Amptek’s Experimenter’s XRF Kit is a package designed to help a user quickly begin doing elemental analysis via X-ray fluorescence (XRF). It includes hardware and software supplied by Amptek.

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  • Analytical Software

    Amptek’s Analytical Software provides easy to use solutions for XRF.

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  • Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers

    Get the best performance with solid state detectors, proportional counters, photodiodes, PM tubes, CEMs, or MCPs by using Amptek Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers

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