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Below is a listing of available and upcoming webinars.  To view a webinar (including previous dates), you will need to click on the appropriate Register link below and follow the registration instructions.  
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    • Getting the most out of an Amptek X-Ray Spectrometer 1 - Precision Accuracy and Detection Limits

      Thursday, July 16, 2020

      What are the best detector and spectrometer configurations for my XRF measurement? How do the detector and spectrometer affect the precision, accuracy, and detection limit of XRF? What is more important: The best energy resolution, highest count rate, or something else? Is there a “figure of merit” for comparing spectrometers and their configurations? We will show the relationships behind these quantities and data obtained in representative applications.
    • Getting the most out of an Amptek X-Ray Spectrometer 2 - Intrinsic Noise, Dead Time, and Interference

      Wednesday, September 9, 2020

      This webinar gives the background behind the most common problems and misunderstandings as they relate to Intrinsic noise (a.k.a. noise theory), Sum peaks and dead time.
    • Getting the most out of an Amptek X-Ray Spectrometer 3 - Tuning an Amptek Spectrometer

      Wednesday, November 18, 2020

      Learn how to optimize the configuration of an Amptek spectrometer, to achieve the best energy resolution, count rate, and stability. We will discuss both hardware configuration issues and the settings in Amptek’s digital pulse processors. We will discuss both the basic parameters, which should be tuned for most applications, and some of the advanced parameters, typically used for specialized applications.