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X-Ray Detectors

  • X-Ray Detector Selection Guide

    Amptek provides a family of high performance, compact X-ray detectors and associated signal processing electronics. The radiation detectors are custom photodiodes, including the traditional Si-PIN diodes, Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs), and CdTe Schottky diodes.

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  • FastSDD X-Ray Detectors for XRF/EDS

    Amptek’s in-house silicon wafer manufacturing produces a detector with lower noise, lower leakage current, better charge collection, and uniformity from detector to detector. This makes it the best performing silicon drift detector available and the true state-of-the-art.

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  • X123 SiPIN
    Si-PIN X-Ray Detectors

    The Si-PIN is a high performance thermoelectrically cooled X-ray detector. It is typically used in laboratory X-ray spectroscopy applications requiring moderate energy resolution and moderate count rates where cost is important. It is well suited to many XRF applications such as identifying metal alloys, verifying RoHS/WEEE compliance, and detecting lead in paint.

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  • CdTe X-Ray and Gamma Ray Detectors

    Amptek’s CdTe Detectors have high stopping power that makes it excellent for applications requiring high detection efficiency at energies up to 100 keV.

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  • Vacuum Applications for Amptek Detectors

    The XR-100 box or the AXR/PA-230 can be placed inside the chamber. In order to avoid overheating and dissipate the ~1 Watt of power needed to operate the unit, good heat conduction to the chamber walls should be provided by using the appropriate mounting holes.

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  • OEM XRF Solutions

    Amptek provides established and emerging OEM customers a fast track to the market with our modular systems that will meet current needs, while being flexible enough to adapt to your

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  • Accessories for XRF/EDS

    Accessories for XRF/EDS expand and enhance the capabilities of Amptek's products.

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