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DPP Installation Instructions

Amptek recommends the Professional version of Microsoft operating systems (Windows 7/8/10 Pro)

All Amptek current products (FW6) can be installed with the following instructions. For older hardware or firmware (FW4 or FW5) please see the Reference Information section below.


There are two steps to installing the software for an Amptek DPP device.

  1. Install the WINUSB driver
  2. Install the DPPMCA Display and Acquisition software

STEP 1: Install the WINUSB driver


If the computer does not have access to the internet, or if you are using an unsupported operating system, install the driver manually using the Manual WINUSB Driver Installation Instructions. You will have to download the WINUSB driver package (9 MB zip file) for manual installation. Only download the WINUSB driver package for a manual installation, it is NOT needed for Windows Update automatic installation. When performing a manual installation, follow the instructions in the document precisely and carefully. Making an incorrect selection will install the wrong driver and make it very difficult, error-prone, and time consuming to remove the incorrect driver from the operating system.

Windows 7/8/10 WINUSB Installation through Windows Update

    1. Power the device and connect it to the computer using the supplied USB cable
    2. Windows will show the balloon on the bottom right side of the screen

    1. Click on the balloon to see the details; you will see the following dialogs:

  1. The WINUSB driver is now installed and ready for use


Download DPPMCA from our website here. Right click on the setup file and “Run as Administrator.” This will install the program, create shortcuts, and associate the .mca and .mcs file extensions with the DppMCA program.

  • Software Downloads +

  • Reference Information +

    *FW4 legacy devices cannot be upgraded to use the WINUSB driver and Windows Update. See the Windows compatibility document.

    Example 1: PX5

    The PX5 is a FW6 device. FW6 devices are only compatible with the DPPMCA display and acquisition application software. The WINUSB driver for FW6 can be installed automatically through Windows Update on all operating systems both 32 and 64 bit.

    Example 2: DP4

    The DP4 is a legacy FW4 device. FW4 devices are only compatible with the ADMCA display and acquisition application software. The WINUSB driver for FW4 can only be installed automatically through Windows Update on Window XP 32 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, and Windows 7 64 bit. The WINUSB driver must be manually installed on Windows XP 64 bit, Vista 32 bit, and Vista 64 bit.

    FW4 (discontinued)

    • DP4, PX4, Gamma-Rad, and X-123 units with a DP4 inside
    • may or may not have had the upgraded firmware for use with the latest WINUSB driver which is required for use on 64-bit operating systems. If it had the upgrade it would work with the WINUSB drivers.  If not, it will not be compatible.  See the Windows compatibility document
    • FW4 devices can be used with the legacy APAUSB drivers on 32-bit operating systems
    • These devices use ADMCA
    • And the firmware is no longer supported.

    FW5 (legacy)

    • DP5 units shipped from the factory before November 15, 2011 have FW5
    • X-123 units with a DP5 inside shipped from the factory before November 15, 2011 have FW5
    • These FW5 devices can be operated by using our ADMCA software (legacy)
    • Firmware no longer supported.
    • These devices can no longer be upgraded to FW6.  

    FW6 (current)

    • DP5 (FW6 default from the factory as of November 15, 2011)
    • X-123 (FW6 default from the factory as of November 15, 2011)
    • DP5G (FW6 default from the factory)
    • MCA8000D (FW6 default from the factory)
    • Gamma-Rad5 (FW6 default from the factory)
    • PX5 (FW6 default from the factory)
    • These devices can be operated by using our DPPMCA software
    • FW6 in the only currently supported firmware for Amptek devices.
  • Installation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) +

    If I try the automatic install method for the USB driver but my device and operating system are not supported, what happens?

    The installer will go to the Windows Update site but will not find the correct package. It will eventually give you an error message that the “Installation Failed”. At this point, you must follow the manual installation instructions.

    Where can I get the latest drivers and software?

    Go to the DP5 Downloads page.

    My computer is asking to install the USB drivers again, even though I installed them previously. Why?

    Under the USB protocol, the drivers are installed for every USB port. Each time you plug a unit into a different port on the computer, the drivers must be installed.