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MP1 XRF Mounting Plate

Obsolete - See EXP-2 Complete Experimenters Kit

For Use with Amptek XR-100/X-123 and Mini-X X-Ray Tube

The MP1 XRF mounting plate was designed to facilitate the use of the XR-100, X-123 and Mini-X x-ray tube. The plate provides a standard 45 degree detector to x-ray tube XRF geometry. Mounting holes for both the XR-100 and X-123 are provided. The mounting holes for the X-ray tube are only for use with the Mini-X.

XR-100SDD and Mini-X on MP1 Mounting Plate
X-123SDD and Mini-X on MP1 Mounting Plate


MP1 45 degree detector to tube XRF angles and distances. The distance from the edge of the plate to the sample should be 0.375 inches (1 cm) in order to be at the intersecting point of the detector and x-ray tube. All dimensions are in centimeters (cm).

XRF-FP Parameter Value
Incidence Angle 67.5°
Take-Off Angle 67.5°
Alpha Angle
Scatter Angle 135°
Tube-to-sample 33.9 mm
Sample-to-detector 15.9 mm

When using the MP1 mounting plate with the XRS-FP software, enter these values in the Geometry setup dialog.

The MP1 is one component of our original Experimenter’s XRF Kit.


MP1 Mounting Plate Mechanical Dimensions (all measurements in inches).

MP1 Mounting Plate Height Dimensions (all dimensions are in inches)

Detector to X-ray Tube XRF Geometry