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This "Special Downloads" Page is to be used to host files that might be requested from time to time, but are not made generally available.  When giving someone a link, please right click and copy link.  If you would like to have something added or updated, please ask Rob.

 XRS-FP  Software download V6.8.1    -original FP not FP2. 
 XRS-FP2 Software download V1280    -updated versions as provided
 XRS-FP2 Software download V1.3.3.0    -Mini-X2 ready version
 XRS-FP2 Software Download V1.3.4.0
   -Updated 4/1/20
 XRS-FP2 HASP License Updater Files    -requires additional file to update specific to hasp serial number
 XRS-FP2_HASP_drivers  zip file containing driver install program for the HASP security thumb drive

Specialized SDK's--------------------------------

 Visual C List Mode SDK  -DP5 acquisition software for collecting a list of the individual events
 Java DP5 SDK
 -DP5 SDK for Java programming language
 C_DP5_API_SDK   -DP5 SDK for C programming language
 BASIC_4_Android  -DP5 SDK for using BASIC to program in android.  
 Python_SDK  -DP5 SDK for python programming language
 Python_Save_Spectra  -DP5 SDK for python, save spectra example
 vcDppConsoleWinUSBx2    -Example for connection to 2 default DPP devices
 Mini-X2 RS232  -Mini-X2 SDK for VB, control of Mini-X2 by RS232
 VBNet_INET_Solution  -VBNet Winsock and UdpClient ethernet examples 

Customized Software

 DPPMCA_HPGe Specialized version of DPPMCA with enhanced pole-zero functions for PX5 units with tail pulse inputs
 MCA dos MCA8000A DOS based Display and Acquisition Software

Other Data Files

Amptek Xray spectrometry uncertainty 2020 PDF -paper on spectrometer settings and accuracy