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GAMMA-W Gamma-Ray Analysis Software for HPGe Detectors

Gamma-W software performs high-precision analysis of gamma-ray spectra from HPGe detectors, and is ideally combined with the PX5-HPGe and your high-purity germanium detector.  It is noted for its accurate and reproducible analysis of small peaks even in the presence of high backgrounds.  Gamma-W contains all of the options and algorithms legally required by many jurisdictions for quantitative analysis of HPGe gamma-ray spectra, including detection limit, radioactive decay control, uncertainties, documentation, etc…, and allows users to run samples from within the DPPMCA software.


  • Fully automatic spectrum analysis
  • Operator-controlled high-precision gamma-ray spectrum analysis
  • Quantitative evaluation of high-resolution spectra taken with HPGe detectors
  • Batch file operation without user intervention; internal batch file editing
  • Extensive master library contains all nuclides with half-life greater than 10 seconds; library easily edited by users
  • Comprehensive calibration functions (Energy, FWHM, Efficiency, Self-absorption) operated from single window
  • 15 units for activity (e.g. Bq, Bq/kg, Bq/l, Bq/m^3, etc)
  • Available in English, French, and German
  • Lifetime free software updates from the developer



  • Neutron activation analysis
  • Radioactive waste quantification and management
  • Reprocessing plant control measurements
  • Measurements for calibration purposes
  • Low-level environmental measurements
  • Food measurements
  • Prompt gamma-ray spectrometry
  • Research in heavy-ion induced reactions, spallation product assays, etc…

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  • Analytical +

    • Automated or user-controlled analysis of full spectrum, sum of fitted peaks, baseline and residuals
    • High-resolution graphical display of fitted peaks, sum of fitted peaks, and baseline
    • Automatic peak and shoulder search at selectable sensitivity levels; automatic shoulder peak detection
    • Automatic regioning of the spectrum
    • Physical baseline calculated from experimental data or bremsstrahlung background
    • Intrinsic HPGe efficiency function or polynomial approximation (degree <=9)
    • Decay-corrected activity calculation (decay before and during measurement)
    • Integrated neutron activation analysis (NAA) package for absolute calculations (nuclear data and library included)
    • Experimental self-absorption correction
  • Calibration +

    When an energy calibration for a spectrum exists, it is uploaded along with the spectrum. A least-squares-fit calibration with up to 20 data points taken directly from the spectrum graphics is very straightforward (point-and-click) alternative for calibration. The data points and the parameters of the fitted polynomial can be stored in a calibration data file and the details of the fitting process are stored in a results file.

  • Documentation +

    • Manual describing all commands
    • Short manual for fast start-up
    • PDF manual files on CD or stick
    • Support available via phone, email, fax, and Skype
  • Screenshots +


    Gamma-W performs fully-automated peak search, or allows users to define tentative or well-known peak positions


    'Calc' activates analysis of defined ROI or spectrum range.


    Details of the peak analyses including relevant measurement parameters are stored in the Output file.


    Existing libraries can be combined, or new libraries created to optimize your analysis for specific applications.


    All procedures and settings can be automatically run from the Batch-Procedure dialogue window.


    User-level access is easily defined in Gamma-W.