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EXVC X-Ray Collimator Kit

Figure 1. The EXCV Collimator Kit slides over the 1.5 inch extender of the X-123.


In order to accommodate applications where the X-ray flux is too high for both the detector and the electronics that process the X-ray spectrum, we have developed a “Collimator Kit” to collimate the primary X-ray beam. This system is comprised of the EXVC Collimator Housing which slides over the 1.5 inch extender of the X-123.

The EXVC Collimator Housing can accommodate up to two Tungsten (W) collimator disks that are placed inside a bayonet holder in front of the detector. By selecting the appropriate Tungsten collimator disks, the user can reduce the incoming X-ray flux and allow the detector and electronics to process the X-ray spectrum. Seven different Tungsten collimator disks are provided with different size holes in order to allow for a wide range of applications.

The EXVC Collimator Housing is made of stainless steel and can also be used inside a vacuum chamber.

Figure 2. EXVC Collimator Kit Mechanical Dimensions. All dimensions in inches unless except as noted.

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The EXVC Collimator Kit Includes:

  • Stainless steel collimator housing
  • Brass Spacer
  • Tripod and mounting plate (included when ordering for use with standard 1.5 inch extender box)
  • Laser pointer
  • 5 Tungsten (W) Collimator disks:
    • 1 mm thick with 25 µm hole
    • 1 mm thick with 50 µm hole
    • 2 mm thick with 400 µm hole
    • 2 mm thick with 1000 µm hole
    • 2 mm thick with 2000 µm hole

All Tungsten disks are made of alloy HD17 (90% W, 6% Ni, 4% Cu).

All Tungsten disks and spacers have a diameter of 0.625 inches.

This Tungsten (W) Spacer /Collimator is 36 mm thick with a 300 µm hole. It is designed to stop and collimate x-rays greater than 150 keV that are produced from high energy tubes.

Figure 3. EXVC Collimator Kit on the X-123CdTe.