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SDD X-Ray Detectors for XRF/EDS

  • X-Ray Detector Selection Guide

    Amptek provides a family of high performance, compact X-ray detectors and associated signal processing electronics. The radiation detectors are custom photodiodes, including the traditional Si-PIN diodes, Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs), and CdTe Schottky diodes.

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  • 70 mm² FAST SDD®

    Amptek has developed a 70 mm² FAST SDD® Detector in a TO-8 package. This is the same package that is used with all Amptek detectors. This makes the 70 mm² a drop in replacement (same package, same pin-out, same voltages). Triple the count rate vs. the 25 mm² SDD with the same performance.

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  • FAST SDD® Ultra High Performance Silicon Drift Detector

    The FAST SDD® represents Amptek’s highest performance silicon drift detector (SDD), capable of count rates over 1,000,000 CPS (counts per second) while maintaining excellent resolution. The FAST SDD® is also available with our Patented C-Series (Si3N4) low energy windows for soft x-ray analysis.

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  • XR-100SDD Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

    The XR-100SDD is a thermoelectrically cooled solid-state silicon drift detector (SDD) and preamplifier. It is recommended for applications requiring the best energy resolution, very high count rates, and lowest X-ray energies. Its performance, small size, and low cost make it the ideal detector for many laboratory and OEM X-ray spectroscopy applications, including EDS and XRF.

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  • X-123SDD Complete X-Ray Spectrometer with Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

    The X-123SDD represents the culmination of years of electronics and X-ray detector innovation and development at Amptek. We remain focused on creating small, low power, high performance instruments while keeping them simple to operate. The X-123SDD epitomizes this philosophy by providing in a single package the XR-100SDD Silicon Drift X-Ray Detector and its Charge Sensitive Preamplifier; the DP5 Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) with pulse shaper, MCA, and interface; and the PC5 Power Supply. All that is needed is a +5 Volts DC input and a USB, RS-232 or Ethernet connection to your computer.

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  • EDS and Low Energy Windows

    Amptek is pleased to offer our improved line of silicon drift detectors (SDDs) for energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) use within scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Using our proprietary Patented “C-Series” silicon nitride (Si3N4) X-ray windows, the low-energy response of our FAST SDD® extends down to beryllium (Be). The FAST SDD® with

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