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Gamma Ray Products

  • Gamma-RAD5
    GAMMA-RAD5 Gamma Ray Detection System

    The GAMMA-RAD5 is a powerful, portable gamma-ray spectrometer combining a complete NaI Scintillation Probe with a Digital Pulse Processor providing high quality detection and spectroscopic information. To simplify its use, this detector system communicates and receives its power through the USB port. All that is needed is a laptop computer for control, display, and data storage. It also supports Ethernet, for distributed networks.

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  • TB-5 Digital Tube Base for Scintillator and PMT

    The TB-5 Digital Tube Base contains all the electronics needed for high performance spectroscopy with your scintillator and photomultiplier tube (PMT). It contains a preamplifier, a full-featured digital pulse processor with MCA, a high-voltage power supply, and all low voltage power supplies.

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  • DP5G Kit – OEM Digital Pulse Processor for Scintillators and PMTs

    The Amptek DP5G Kit is a state-of-the-art, high performance, low power digital pulse processor designed for use in scintillation spectroscopy systems. Connected to the anode of a PMT, it includes a charge sensitive preamplifier and a digital pulse processor, which replaces both the shaping amplifier and the MCA in a traditional nuclear spectroscopy system. The kit includes all the power supplies necessary to power those circuits and uses standard connectors for easy of use (USB, Ethernet, etc.). The DP5G offers several advantages over traditional systems, including higher performance, enhanced flexibility, small size, and low cost.

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  • PX5-HPGe DPP, MCA and Power Supply for HPGe Detectors & Preamps

    The PX5-HPGe is a modified version of Amptek’s MCA and Power Supply PX5 signal processor and power supply. A custom power supply board is installed in a standard PX5, providing the higher bias voltages needed by an HPGe detector along with the higher preamp power voltages and currents required by most HPGe preamplifiers. A custom front panel is installed, which mates with industry-standard connectors on HPGe detector/ preamp modules. The signal processing circuitry is unchanged from a standard PX5.

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