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PX5-HPGe DPP, MCA and Power Supply for HPGe Detectors & Preamps

The PX5-HPGe is a modified version of Amptek’s MCA and Power Supply PX5 signal processor and power supply. A custom power supply board is installed in a standard PX5, providing the higher bias voltages needed by an HPGe detector along with the higher preamp power voltages and currents required by most HPGe preamplifiers. A custom front panel is installed, which mates with industry-standard connectors on HPGe detector/ preamp modules. The signal processing circuitry is unchanged from a standard PX5.

Our PX5-HPGe combines a high performance digital pulse processor with the power supplies needed for standard cryogenic HPGe detectors. It replaces a conventional shaping amplifier and multichannel analyzer, providing very high performance signal processing in a single compact, low power module, replacing multiple bulky NIM modules in a traditional solution. The digital signal processing provides several advantages over analog solutions: lower electronic noise, reduced ballistic deficit, higher throughput, enhanced stability, and more configuration options to better optimize the system for particular applications. It supports USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 communications protocols and has numerous auxiliary I/O options (MCS mode, List Mode, 8 SCAs, a gate input for Compton suppression, etc).

The PX5-HPGe PWR board provides a bias voltage up to ±5 kV, with a hardware plug to change polarity. It includes an HV inhibit line (to turn off the HV supply if the detector is too warm). The PX5-HPGe PWR board also provides low voltages of ±12 VDC and ±24 VDC, at 80 and 40 mA respectively, using a standard 9 pin preamp power connector.

The PX5-HPGe is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit operating systems, including Windows 10, and features direct integration with the optional Gamma-W gamma-ray analysis software for HPGe Detectors.


  • Includes digital pulse shaping amplifier, MCA, and power supplies
  • Compatible with standard HPGe detectors
  • Trapezoidal shaping with wide range of peaking times to optimize performance
  • High count rate capability with excellent baseline stability, throughput, and pile-up rejection
  • Up to 8k output MCA channels
  • Oscilloscope mode – DAC output for pulse monitoring and adjustment

Block Diagram of PX5-HPGe Connected to High-Purity Germanium Detector and Preamp

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