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DP4 and PX4 Digital Pulse Processor Software

Please note that the DP4 and PX4 are both obsolete, having been replaced with the DP5 and PX5.

Click here for the complete document on 64-bit compatibility.

The Amptek DP4/PX4 digital processor family originally used the APAUSB driver for Windows USB communication. That driver only operates in 32-bit Windows environments (Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit). Many new PC’s are equipped with the 64-bit version of Windows 7. To address this issue Amptek has released new software and firmware that uses the WINUSB driver that is compatible with all operating systems both 32 and 64-bit.

The DP4/PX4 can be returned to Amptek for a firmware upgrade. This upgrade makes the DP4/PX4 compatible with the WINUSB driver. The cost is US $300 and turnaround time is less than one week. Alternatively, the user can perform the upgrade for $150. Amptek will mail the necessary instructions and hardware. The user must remove the old EEPROM and install the new one. It is a socketed part so no soldering is required. The WINUSB driver requires the use of ADMCA version 2.0 and DPPAPI version 2.0 (for custom software development).

NOTE: If you have written custom software using the DPPAPI and you statically linked the dll, you will have to re-compile your software with the new dll. Dynamically linked software does not require a re-compile, only copying the new dll into your installation. No source code changes are necessary in either case.

  • All DP4 units require the upgrade to be compatible with the WINUSB driver.
  • PX4 units sold before August 1, 2010 require the upgrade to be compatible with the WINUSB driver.
  • PX4 units sold after August 1, 2010 do NOT require the upgrade. The upgrade has already been applied.

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, both 32 and 64-bit.

Old Software for APAUSB

If you will use the hardware only on 32-bit operating systems you do not need to perform the upgrade.
Click here to download the old APAUSB driver.

See ADMCA software to run the FW5 device. 
  • ADMCA Display and Acquisition Software +

    The ADMCA program is the main display and acquisition software. All users should download this software.

    Click here for a description of the capabilities ADMCA.

    There is no paper manual for the software. The manual is the help file. To install the software unzip the contents of the file to your computer. Then run the ADMCA executable in the ADMCA directory. The software cannot be run from a CD. It must be copied to your local drive and you must have read/write access to the directory. (22 MB)

  • DPP Application Programming Interface (API) 2.0 +

    Amptek supplies an Application Programming Interface (API) for the its digital processors. The API consists of a DLL which offers complete control of every aspect of the device. The DLL can be used by the end user to write custom code in Visual Basic, C++, Lab View, .NET, etc. Complete documentation and examples are included in this package. (22MB)

  • DPP API for Windows CE/Pocket PC +

    USB API Interface for Windows CE/Pocket PC.

    DP4/PX4/DP5 Digital Pulse Processor API for Window Mobile 5 (ARMV4I) and compatible WinCE ARMV4I type devices. (18MB)

  • DPP Additional Software +

    If the user does not want or cannot use the above DLL, Amptek supplies more advanced application development. This package includes information on how to control the digital processor using the the USB driver calls and provides complete information on the communication protocols (USB and RS232). It contains an example in VB of how to directly control the devices using the most low-level calls available. This should only be used by experts who need to adapt these devices to non-windows platforms. (8MB)