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Miniature X-ray Tube for OEM Applications


  • 50 kV High Voltage Supply
  • 4 W, 200 µA X-Ray Tube
  • Small Size and Light Weight (340 g)


  • Hand-held XRF
  • Table-top XRF
  • Experimental
minix oem

The Mini-X-OEM is a precision x-ray generator designed for applications that require small size and low power consumption. The source includes a miniature sealed x-ray tube with a transmission-type end window and a high voltage power supply encapsulated in a single radiation-shielded unit. The source is designed specifically to be used as component of a bench-top or hand-held x-ray spectrometer for the detection of trace elements using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry.

The Mini-X-OEM differs from the Amptek Mini-X. The Mini-X has a USB interface to control the voltage and current through PC software, and a screw on base to accomodate a collimator kit and filters. The Mini-X-OEM version is controlled by the end user by supplying analog voltages to control the voltage and current of the tube, and does not have a screw on base for a collimator kit and filters as this is better provided by the OEM for the specific application. This is the preferred method in table-top and hand-held OEM applications where all the functions of the instrument are controlled by the OEM.

Technical Specifications

Tube typeMetal-ceramic
Tube voltage5 kV 50 kV
Tube current0 - 200 µA, See Figure 2
Tube power4 Watts maximum
Cathode typeTungsten filament
X-ray windowBe, 125 µm
Target materialStandard: Au, Ag or Rh
Optional: W
Focal spot sizeApproximately 2 mm
Output cone angle120°, See Figures 3 and 4
Power Supply
Input voltage6 - 12 VDC range
Input current@ 6 VDC: 1.35 A typical, 1.5 A max
@12 VDC: 0.70 A typical, 0.75 A max
HV stability< 0.1%
Integrated USB ControllerNone. Optional MX-50 (additional purchase) can be used for testing.
Physical Parameters
Radiation shieldingSelf-shielded (except output window).
Shielding of output window is the responsibility of the customer.
CoolingConduction, Heat sink to be supplied by customer.
Operating temp-10 °C min, 60 °C max. case temp
Ambient humidity30 to 90% (non-condensing)
DimensionsPlease see mechanical drawing Figure 1.
Weight340 g
Mounting orientationAny
Screw on base for collimatorNone
PIN Configuration
PIN 1V+, (6-12 VDC)
PIN 2V+, (6-12 VDC Nom.)
PIN 3Ground
PIN 4Ground
PIN 5Tube I Control
Input (0-4 V = 0-200 µA)
PIN 6Tube HV Control
Input (0-4 V = 0-50 kV)
PIN 7Filament Ready
(0-5 V, Low = Not Ready, High = Ready)
PIN 8Tube Enable
Input (0-5 V, Low = Off, High = Enable)
PIN 9Tube HV Monitor
Output (0-4 V = 0-50 kV)
PIN 10Tube I Monitor
Output (0-4 V = 0-200 µA)

minix oem mechanical dimensions
Figure 1. Mechanical Dimensions.

mini-x isopower curve
Figure 2. Mini-X-OEM 4W Isopower curve.

Energy (kV)Pin 6 (V)Current (µA)
Pin 5 (V)
Table 1. Maximum pin voltages for isopower curve above.

mini-x angular response
Figure 3. Mini-X-OEM Angular Response, 120° cone.

mini-x angular response cone
Figure 4. Mini-X-OEM 120° cone.
NOTE: When using the 2 mm collimator, the X-ray cone is 5°.

MX50 USB Controller for Mini-X-OEM

Amptek suggests that first time customers of the Mini-X-OEM purchase at least one MX50 USB controller. This USB controller interfaces with the Mini-X-OEM and provides easy software control of the unit over USB. This allows for easy troubleshooting, and rapid setup and prototyping.

minix-oem mx50 controller top
Figure 5. MX50 USB Controller for the Mini-X-OEM.

minix-oem mx50 controller side1
Figure 6. MX50 USB Controller for the Mini-X-OEM.

minix-oem mx50 controller side2
Figure 7. MX50 USB Controller for the Mini-X-OEM.

mini-x software control
Figure 8. USB Software Interface. Allows the user to set the voltage and current as well as monitor both parameters.


The Mini-X-OEM is only one component of an X-ray instrument. It is the responsibility of the OEM to provide a fail safe metal enclosure to prevent escaping radiation while their customers use this product. The OEM final instrument (turn-key system) must comply with local government regulations to protect personnel from exposure to radiation. Amptek Inc. bears no responsibility for the incorrect use of this product.

The Mini-X-OEM is manufactured and warranted (one year or 2000 hours, whichever comes first) by Newton Scientific Inc.

Mini-X-OEM X-Ray Tube in PDF

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Revised August 10, 2014